iPhone Lock Screen Download

Smartphones today are actually your life. You have your email accounts, banking apps, social media apps, pictures and what not on it. In fact, all your critical information today is stored in this small device that you like to always carry with you.

What if a stranger, relative or a colleague gets hold of your device and starts messing up with your critical information! Daunting to even think of it…right? You can be duped of your money or worse if someone messes up with your social media apps putting your entire personality and character in question.

You can make use of a password or a PIN number to lock it. These days, many phones allow you to do fingerprint check protection. Apart from these, there is number of lock screen applications available on the internet, which when downloaded and installed makes your smartphone secure. Once you have a good lock screen in place, you need not bother about the security of the phone or its privacy getting compromised.

Let us check out some of the best iPhone lock screen apps that you can download for your phone.


It is one of the best apps available today, which lets you put a password or pin code to make your phone secure. The main features of this extremely secure screen locker app are:

  • You can set a pin using a Keypad Lock Screen.
  • To unlock your phone, simply slide with exquisite animation and sound.
  • There are multiple high definition wallpapers available in iOS9. All the wallpapers and backgrounds of iOS7 and iOS8 are also there.
  • It supports the setting of wallpaper while in locked mode.
  • It supports the time format of both 12-Hour and 24-Hour.
  • You can change wallpaper lock screen
  • It supports the lock screen of iPhone 6S.
  • Allows you to change the lock screen of iPhone 7.
  • It supports the camera for lock screen.

How to Use This Excellent App?

  • Once you download it from the app store, open the app settings and enable the ‘Enable Screen’ checkbox by ticking on it.
  • In case you are already using the system lock, disable it by clicking on ‘Disable System Lock’.
  • Now enable ‘Set Wallpaper’ and enjoy the world of beautiful backgrounds.
  • If you want the pin mode, then tick the ‘Pin Lock’ checkbox.

You are all set to enjoy this excellent app with Lock Screen OS 9 for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S.

iPhone Screen Lock

You own an Android device, but you always dreamt of owning an iPhone. Well, use this app to experience the iPhone 6 lock screen on your Android phone. By downloading this app, you will enjoy the look of iOS 9 lock screen on your device. Here are some of the distinct features of this app.

  • It is quite versatile as it works on most of the android phones available today.
  • Gives your phone a cool makeover of iOS 9 lock screens.
  • The lock screen is fully customizable and can be set according to your likes and preferences.
  • You can select one of the many screens available or set your own picture from the gallery as a screen.
  • Password protection feature is available.
  • The size of the application is small at 10MB.

How to Use?

  • Once you download and open this application, you will get options for customization of the locker. As the interface is very user-friendly, you will have no problem in navigating through it.
  • The main options allow you to activate and deactivate the iOS 9 lock screen. You can choose to get notifications right on your lock screen and don’t need to unlock your device. Go to the home screen to pull down the status bar. It is something similar to the way it happens in iPhone locker.
  • On activating the iPhone lock screen, access to the menu will be at the centre bottom of your lock screen. Things, which are commonly required, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, brightness, torch functionality, and settings, can be controlled directly from here. This makes this app extremely convenient to use.
  • Many other features of iOS 9 locker are also available here. You get the option of selecting any one of them under ‘Change Lock Screen’. If you want extra security for your phone, you can choose to set a pin. You have options to activate and deactivate this pin protection at your will by going to the security options.
  • There are a number of fonts, wallpapers, time formats, unlock text etc. features available in the app to choose. It helps in customizing the app according to your taste and personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download it and make your Android screen look like iPhone lock screen.

How to Leave a Clue of Your Whereabouts?

While you are protecting your device, you might also like to leave some clue in case you forget your phone somewhere and a good Samaritan wants to return your device to you.

The lock screen actually blocks access on your iOS and Android devices to all your personal information and that is what you want. But, the lock screens can be tweaked to allow some insight into who this phone belongs to in case you accidentally leave it somewhere and someone wants to return it to you, which is a remote possibility though.

You can use the health app to leave a clue, which comes as part of iOS. In this app, you tap Medical ID and create one for yourself where you can specify a person from your address book as an emergency contact. Thus, even if the phone is locked, this info can be accessed from the emergency dialler part visible on the lock screen. This comes handy in case you actually have a medical emergency or if you accidentally leave your phone somewhere.

On Android devices also, there is a way to leave some clue about the contact information right on the lock screen. Go to Settings and then to Users followed by the emergency information. Once you reach here, you can give your name and alternate number for contact in case someone tries to reach you. This information will be displayed on the emergency dialler part of the lock screen and is accessible by anyone who gets your phone.

The lock screen is the first screen that you look at when you pick your phone. It can be considered as the gatekeeper for the security of your device against unauthorized access. But, apart from being a gatekeeper, it can also be turned into a reliable and efficient assistant that keeps you informed and up-to-date by just casting a glance at it. The various lock screen applications available today target at making the screen look cool and provide the required functionality at a glance without compromising on the security front.

To save yourself from all this, it is better to lock the screen of your smartphone. It is one of the easiest and most effective things that you can do to protect yourself. The best thing is that there are so many ways of locking the screen and most of them are available for free. There are many applications available today for lock screen, but the ones described above are some of the best ones. Download them and enjoy the added security and at the same time customise them to make your screen look the way you want it to be.